The problem with design within small Christian organizations is that they use common symbols in the same ways that they have always been used. When they do that, their design becomes very cheesy and does not appeal to a larger audience. Another problem is that they cannot afford a designer, or they do not know the value that a designer can bring to their organization. This matters because these organizations provide a sense of community in rural areas that need community. I personally choose this topic for serval reasons. I grew up in a small town in Arkansas where there were two things that bought the town together. Those two things were Friday night football and Sunday morning church. It was only after I started the BFA in Graphic Design at the University of Arkansas, I realized how undervalue design was in these organizations. Another reason why I choose this topic is I want to use my knowledge to help these organizations.
Design Question:
How might the design of an event improve design standards and empower non-profit organizations, specifically Christian organizations, so that they appeal to a wider audience and communicate trust?
Throughout this project I have discovered that these small organizations know that design could help but they do not know the true impact it could have on their organization. The impact has the possibility to be huge. There is a church that hired a designer before opening their doors to anyone. After three years of being open, they are seeing 1000 people every weekend. Most of the small churches I know barely have 100 people every weekend and they have been around since my parents were kids. The location does have a lot to do with it. These small churches still have a lot of room to still grow. For example, the church I went to in high school has about 150 to 200 every weekend. Since the COVID-19, they have seen 800-1000 people interact with their Facebook page most weekends. This shows that they still have a lot of room to grow even for the area they are in.
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